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A brand transformation ups the allure of Tendam’s fashion portfolio

Grupo Cortefiel, a renowned, long-standing Spanish fashion group, reinvented itself under the new corporate brand Tendam. The brand transformation signals a new stage of strategic consolidation, development, and growth, and inspires confidence in financial markets.

Tendam is built upon the success stories of the five commercial brands that shape the group: Cortefiel, Springfield, Women’secret, Pedro del Hierro, and Fifty.

The vision of managing and driving the growth of these fashion brands was the underpinning of Tendam’s brand promise, Exponentially Greater, which also inspired by values of leadership, collaboration, demand, and integrity.

Today, Tendam activates its positioning as the leading retail fashion group in the premium mass market. The group conveys excellence throughout the world with strong and inspiring brands that enrich communities, connect people, and drive business growth.

“Tendam” is a richly suggestive brand name that reflects the ethos of the company and conveys its strength in a poignant tone. It not only it evokes concepts such as “togetherness” and “trends,” but is also associated with the verb “tend,” suggestive of ideas such as “the tendency to lead” or “to be disposed to do something.”

The brand identity is based on the creative concept, The sum that multiplies. The star is the central graphic element as it belongs to the ‘E’ in the logo. It is also the cornerstone of the visual universe created for the Tendam corporate brand, symbolizing both the sum of excellence created by the group’s five brands, as well as the “multiplication” of growth possibilities.

Tendam’s logo speaks to both the business and fashion worlds, through the geometric Signa Serif typography. To signal the purpose of the corporate brand, as well as its ambitions in a changing marketplace with shifting boundaries, the logo incorporates a descriptor: “Global Fashion Retail.”

Tendam Blue is the signature color of the corporate brand, expressing strength, totality, and premium. The identity also incorporates a pictographic system, built upon the curves and shapes of the star. A new photographic style and graphic technique (collage) have outfitted the brand well in an industry in which aesthetic codes are important. The brand transformation has prepared Tendam to step out and make a fresh impression that is indeed Exponentially Greater.

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