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A luxury experience that begins with a box

Relais & Chateaux
When competition within the luxury gift box category was intensifying, Relais & Châteaux—a global group of luxury hotels and restaurants—aspired to create a gifting concept that communicated the value of its heritage.

Relais and Châteaux wanted to charm and reward existing customers, and engage new ones. The idea was to create a souvenir gift for guests, presented in a luxurious, handcrafted gift box almost as valuable as the gift itself.

We scripted a layered experience of added value for recipients, defined by four pivotal moments: receiving the box, discovering its contents layer by layer, uncovering an immersive brand book, and unveiling the actual gift. We further distinguished the experience by ascribing a different box color for each unique destination. The box provided a rich, tangible experience of Relais and Châteaux, and reasserted the value of the brand. Sales also increased, with average customer basket value up 14%. Attention to detail and a touch of luxury created a unique and valuable customer experience.

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