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Oros, a new apparel brand for scaling your Everest

Two friends used NASA technology to create a scientifically inspired outerwear brand that changes how people protect themselves from environmental extremes.

A new idea doesn’t just disrupt the market, it creates an opportunity for a fresh brand to flourish. Two friends who were sick of bulky, unstreamlined winter jackets used NASA-tested aerogel technology to create revolutionary cold-weather apparel. To get this innovative new clothing to market, they needed an iconic brand to go with it.

Through a mix of firsthand discussions with the founders and their investors, combined with a deep dive into their following on social, the outlines of the OROS brand came into view. From the promise of a new technology came a promising lifestyle brand for the avid adventurer, one that empowers them to reach new heights. OROS itself means “mountain” in Greek, and the brand gives you the mobility, protection, and style to overcome your mountain, no matter how high. A simple, premium design drives the brand’s look and feel, complete with an e-commerce space that can compete with any high-end outdoor brand. Innovative triangular packaging delivers the brand to customers’ hands with a premium look at a low cost. A promotional video brings OROS’ innovative insulation technology to life by demonstrating how, even after getting blasted by liquid nitrogen, the wearer’s body temperature remains constant.

Since relaunch, OROS has secured a second round of startup funding, exceeding targets by 20%. OROS is beginning its second run of production run with a promising growth trajectory that truly lives up to the OROS brand tagline: Always Onward. Forever Upward.

“Oh my god. That is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. You absolutely nailed it!” - Michael Markesbery, Founder/CEO
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