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.ART is a new canvas for art online

.ART is more than a substitute for “.com”—it’s an identity, a new territory to express unbridled creativity. To create a groundswell of support, it needed a strong brand to emphasize one thing: .ART stands for authenticity.

Online art sales are at an all-time high (USD $3.27 billion in 2015), and 92 percent of art buyers intend to buy the same amount of work—or more—online in the next year months*. UK Creative Ideas Ltd purchased the .ART domain to capitalize on the opportunity to create a meaningful digital presence for all things art.

Interbrand created the .ART brand to cut through the noise online to give art a voice. The domain acts as a dedicated growth agent to the entire art world, the curator of a community of genuine art lovers, artists, galleries, auctions houses, agents, and beyond. To send a clear message to stakeholders, .ART has a clean visual identity and focused purpose—to act as a digital canvas for the art world. The minimalist visual identity allows for flexibility in the brand according to what is hosted on each individual site—allowing the creativity of both artists and curators of art to thrive.

.ART already promises to grow the industries and communities of art and culture in ways that we can’t even imagine. The domain launched with more than 60 select world-renowned museums, art organizations, and artists, including the Art Institute of Chicago, the Centre Pompidou, Foundation Cartier, Solomon R. Guggenheim, to the Istanbul Biennial, the Francis Bacon Estate, Kickstarter, the Marina Abramovic Institute, and Cahiers d’Art. In February 2017, .ART opened to the worldwide arts and culture community, selling domains in 38 countries worldwide. These early registrants include Apple, Audi, AXA, BMW, Disney, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Samsung; luxury brands Chanel, Rolex, and Rolls-Royce; and global artistic phenomenon, Beyoncé. As new registrants continue to pour in, .ART is further stretching out a blank canvas where creativity and technology can interplay in exhilarating new forms.

Learn more about this project on brandchannel: The Heart of .ART — Giving the Art World a Digital Home All Its Own

.ART launched with more than 60 select world-renowned museums, art organizations, and artists, and has attracted registrants from 38 countries worldwide, including Apple, Disney, and Beyoncé.
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