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Creating a dynamic identity for Alibaba’s Cainiao brand

Due to an outdated visual identity, Alibaba Group's logistics company Cainiao had the brand perception of being merely a logistical unit, however, it has now evolved to being a highly intelligent, data-driven logistics platform and market leader.

Cainiao’s smart platform acts as an ecological hub for a data-driven, customer engagement-centric logistical value chain. By leveraging data, intelligent services, and collaboration, Cainiao aims to guide the world into the future. However, none of that was clearly communicated by their old branding. To stay competitive in the Chinese market, where over 30 billion packages are delivered annually, Cainiao needed a new look that clearly distinguished it from the old way of doing logistics, and shifted their reputation as being a company at the forefront of technical innovation in their field. Together with the Interbrand team, it created a new logo that encapsulated their new identity.

The letters “A” and “I” in their name are a fundamental design focus, with the new logo combining these letters into arrows from the bottom-up to represent both the flow of goods and the flow of information.

This dynamic brand logo and visual identity clearly emphasizes what makes Cainiao different: cutting-edge technology, and efficient, data-driven collaboration, which are central to the modernization of the smart logistics industry. The new brand image of Cainiao is imbued with science and technology, unique to its industry, and disruptive in its market, echoing Cainiao’s future-forward perspective and leading position as a logistics platform.

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