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Learning to make iconic moves real


One of the biggest challenges companies face today? Creating strategies for staying relevant with customers and to renew the business to make if future proof. But even more important: make these big moves become real!

Why is it so difficult to make iconic moves real? It always involves people and a fundamental shift in company culture: the way we think, work and collaborate. With the tremendous technology shift not only the way of working is changing, but also how we learning and grow as people.

With the cascade of AI, AR, VR, IOT and biochemical engineering, the need to adapt our skills, knowledge and behaviors will be constant. We are seeing an exponential shift in businesses today – and especially the legacy businesses – who are realizing that transformation only succeeds, if they build a mindset and processes for always-on learning. A well known example is g2g program (“Googlers-to-Googlers”), Google’s internal volunteer teaching network. The program empowers employees to educate their colleagues on a chosen subject next to core job responsibilities by providing tools and helping them to understand how teaching and learning connects to the bigger business picture.

How we created a Brand Learning Program to build confidence in transformation in 10 steps

The Allianz Group, one of largest global service providers specialising in insurance and asset management and employing 140,000 employees worldwide, is taking on the challenge to renew the insurance industry on a global scale. The Allianz brand plays an important role on the business renewal agenda by pooling offers under a global master-brand and outperforming across categories.

Allianz identified that a learning program on their brand is necessary to enable the organization to drive brand excellence and contribute to the renewal agenda. The Allianz Brand Learning program complements the digital brand guideline and supports the global brand governance approach that steers local effectiveness and global efficiency.

It goes beyond lopsided communication in guidelines and PowerPoints, creating new structures of collaboration between teams. It sets people on a continuous learning journey that probes to explore and experiment within a guiding frame with on-demand and social learning content. This is how we did it:


  1. Cross-functional teams: We work in a cross-functional team with various perspectives from the Allianz global brand team, Allianz local entities, Interbrand experience designers and strategists and Interbrand’s Global Chief Culture and Learning Officer, Rebecca Robins
  2. Vision: A vision for brand, marketing team and business let us create learning program with business impact
  3. Principles: Core principles (e.g. gamified reward and incentive system, guided journeys based on use cases, dialogue) defined the learning experience we create
  4. Format variety: Online learning content was created for on-demand learning (webinars, short videos, illustrated teaser videos, curation of existing content) and supplemented with offline formats for social learning (Induction Days and Brand Community Days) to ensure learning is easily available yet retained in memory
  5. Unique experience: Framing and selection of content and formats were always inspired by Allianz’ brand creating a unique learning experience
  6. Collaboration and testing: From the program structure, comprehensive curriculum along three learning journeys (fundamentals, expertise, skills) to content development, we collaborate and test with global and local teams to create truly relevant content and formats
  7. Platform integration: We looked for the right home to make content easily available by integrating the learning content into existing platforms (Frontify, LinkedIn Learning, WebEx)
  8. Resources and investment plan: We set up a resource plan and responsibilities, and devised a (re-)investment plan
  9. Promotion: A launch concept with promotion videos of sponsors was developed to create awareness and excitement between busy work days and other learning offers
  10. Sustaining: We continue working together to maintain the platforms, develop content and format and define metrics


Together with our motion design partner agency Onomoto, we developed a series of learning e-bites as teaser for deeper learning.


About Allianz

  • Allianz Group is one of largest global service providers offering mainly insurance and asset management
  • Europe’s largest insurer based on market value
  • 122,4 bn EUR Revenue and 10.6 bn EUR Operating profit (2016)
  • Among the top 50 most valuable global brands with 10,821-million-dollar Brand Value (2018)
  • 86 million retail and corporate clients in more than 70 countries
  • 140, 000 employees worldwide
  • In business for over 125 years

Source: The Fullcover, Spring-Summer 2018), Interbrand Best Global Brands 2018

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