An experience beyond football

MYTH (Real Madrid)
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Myth glass restaurant front

Today’s myths are tomorrow’s legends
There is a space in our minds for them: glory
This is a place for the chosen ones
A place of enjoyment and fullfillment…
Where all senses come at play

Myth advertisements. Be part of the game.

Exploring new paths to bring the brand closer to audiences from different cultures around the world, Real Madrid reveals MYTH, a new gastronomic experience that is part of the club’s ambitious effort to transcend football and turn the brand into a catalyst for entertainment and lifestyle experiences.

The Real Madrid brand is going through a reinvention phase to become more relevant to all types of public. This effort spreads across the renovation of the stadium, new shops, the museum, the sport school and the corporate headquarters.

MYTH is a unique gastronomic experience inspired by the values and philosophy of one of the biggest football clubs in the world. It was created to bring the club’s experience to life through top class gastronomy and for different audiences in cities around the world. The Mediterranean culinary culture inspires a cosmopolitan offer adapted to local tastes.

Myth restaurant interior showcasing high ceilings

The space and interior design are inspired by the venue where warriors celebrate their victories: the banquet hall. It features circular shapes inspired by Real Madrid’s badge; a space divided into three naves with a central one hosting an iconic bar; high ceilings to stress the feeling of space; exposed installations to highlight the contrast between classic and contemporary materials; “revealed” structures and areas at different levels to generate different consumption situations at different times along the day. Every detail has been taken care of, every element of the identity, the interior design and the gastronomic offer responds to strategic aspects inspired by the Real Madrid brand.

Myth restaurant interior

When building the new MYTH brand, the logo resembles the very essence of the Real Madrid brand. A wordmark inspired in the “M” on the Real Madrid badge and a graphic language that incorporates textures, patterns and graffiti-like messages across the different areas of the restaurant.

The colors are also inspired by the club’s badge. Thus, black and white are used as the main colors in communications, gold for specific finishes and surfaces and finally blue, to be used exclusively in furniture and highlights of the interior design.

The Sharp Grotesk font family is backed by images that relate to myths: players depicted as legends, as gods, ethereal textures, maximalism, white objects and artifacts, warrior assemblies, etc.