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An innovative ingredient brand gets its due

As the world leader in manufacturing and selling refrigerator cooling compressors, Embraco was already a long-time innovator. But the brand wasn’t getting credit for its inventive and visionary offerings.

The compressor is the heart of the fridge, the engine that makes cooling happen, and that literally transforms the state of substances—like water into ice. So we worked with Embraco to develop a new identity that expressed change and transformation, and presented the cold in a new and inspiring way.

Our visual identity reflects colors of the Aurora Borealis, the jaw-dropping phenomenon of colors and lights from the Polar Regions, bringing depth and dynamism to the new identity. Completing this was a new infinity-inspired logo and the tagline Power in. Change On.

With a new and consistent expression, the brand is a constant reminder that inspiration is all around us, even when it comes to refrigeration.

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