An inspiring result in the fight for funding

Alzheimer's Australia
In 2011, Alzheimer’s Australia was underfunded, misunderstood, and largely ignored. But with Alzheimer’s set to be the most prevalent disease in Australia by 2030, the organization needed to change that—and fast.

Our insight? Rather than just refresh the brand, we needed to start a national movement. We started with a fighting spirit—tired of inaction and refusing to be silent.

A bold and adaptive verbal and visual identity brought the spirit to life across a range of touchpoints and situations, and inspired audiences to get involved, while a multi-media campaign, Fight Alzheimer’s, Save Australia, created awareness of the size of the problem. To drive the idea home, we launched with a protest march on Parliament House with 500 passionate protesters, demanding attention and action.

What happened next, nobody expected. The government heard our plight and made Alzheimer’s a health priority, allocating over $300m in funding. By creating a brand that refused to go unnoticed, a worthy cause got the attention of a nation.

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