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Boosting IR’s bottom line by clarifying its brand

Integrated Research (now IR) was having trouble explaining itself to customers. Its software was powerful, but no one understood what it did or what its brand had to offer— which wasn’t good for business. So, IR came to us to help clarify the brand’ s purpose and benefits and humanize its story.

IR creates software that helps some of the world’s biggest enterprises proactively spot small problems before they become disasters. While that sounds straightforward, the technology involved is complex, which is why the brand needed to tell a much simpler story— starting with its name (reduced to two letters).

Expressing with both brevity and impact, the IR identity reflects what’ s most important to CTOs: optimizing business for maximum efficiency. By speaking directly to IR’ s audience with tech – savvy wit; using metaphor to turn complex case studies into fun, accessible stories; and employing a visual language of blue and red dots to denote what’ s optimal and sub – optimal, we created a new identity that is entertaining and, most importantly, easy to understand.

Since the rebranding in November 2014, employees have been finding it easier to explain the company’s products and benefits, and customers are realizing just how much IR can do for them.

But the real proof of success is in the numbers:
License sales have risen by 43 percent, website traffic has jumped by 35 percent, revenue has been uplifted by 28 percent, and net profit has increased by 67 percent— a new company record. And perhaps most telling of all, revenue attributed to marketing activity has skyrocketed— increasing by an incredible 210 percent.

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