A new brand architecture to unite one of Italy’s largest banking groups

BPER Banca
BPER Banca transformed the group from a collection of small territorial banks into a competitive national player.

In 2013 Banca Popolare dell’Emilia Romagna (now BPER Banca), parent bank of BPER Group—Italy’s sixth largest banking group—needed to make deep changes aimed at consolidating its many freestanding entities and its internal culture. With a strategy to provide sustainable revenue growth and increase efficiency, BPER Banca transformed the group from a collection of small co-operative banks into a competitive national player.

After 35 hours of interviews with management and quantitative research on over 5,000 clients, the recommendation was clear: BPER Banca needed to go for a large, overarching architecture for their brand and business. Consumers see banks as something dwelling in an ivory tower outside of the everyday challenges families, entrepreneurs, and businesses face. BPER Banca had to shatter this conventional wisdom, and their proposition, “Choose together to grow together”, does this by translating BPER’s strength as a national bank and it’s granular knowledge of Italy’s diverse regions into a benefit. Their tagline captures the spirit of their offering: “Close. Beyond expectations”.

The new logo communicates the concept of stability and balance, emphasizing the virtues of authoritativeness, practicality, and caution. The identity leverages typography in an innovative way underlining the bank’s value–solidarity, solidity, roots, prudence, development–which persist over the course of BPER’s 150-year-long history.

The colon in the logo suggests BPER’s ability to open a dialogue with customers. The use of candid, natural photography further highlights a deep understanding of the clients’ needs and an earnest, concerned approach. The employees were introduced to the new brand with a kickoff event and welcome kit, kept informed by internal workshops and brand guidance tools, and were highlighted front-and-center in BPER’s posters. At the same time, the new brand was launched publically to widespread attention and was widely covered by the major Italian media. An internal engagement campaign involving over 8.000 employees underscored the launch of the new brand.

BPER’s strong effort in consistently promoting the brand through an all touch-points communications campaign lead to growing brand awareness. Furthermore, a steady online campaign and social media strategy leveraging BPER’s value strengthened the brand’s positioning for customers, employees, and talent.

Since 2013, BPER Group profit has been growing, and now the brand is present in 18 Italian regions, with a network of 1,200 branches. Through a sound partnership network, the bank can support its customers in Europe and in the rest of the world.

BPER Group continues to grow in profit and number of branches.
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