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A brand fresh identity fuels first-rate Italian brand, Saipem

Creating a vibrant brand identity, fueled by Italian excellence.

A successful brand strategy relies on building a strong and independent identity, capable of supporting a solid, autonomous business model. This was the goal when Saipem decoupled from ENI—the leading Italian player in energy services—in order to become a global brand that draws on a 60-year legacy of operations in multi-local contexts.

Interbrand developed a rebranding strategy and new brand identity for Saipem, based on an in-depth analysis of the competitive landscape and new opportunities in the field. Based on these insights, we developed a positioning that is distinctive, relevant, and credible, as well as a visual identity capable of expressing such elements.

The evolution of the Saipem brand was based on a core concept: for Saipem, the extraordinary is ordinary.

As a global oil and gas contractor, Saipem handles complex projects—on an immense scale and in rapidly evolving contexts—that are fundamental to the efficient and sustainable utilization  of resources. Every one of Saipem’s jobs relies on engineering excellence, operational flexibility, and the ability to develop long-term partnerships—characteristics expressed by the tagline “Engineering Energy.”

The visual identity also conveys these distinctive qualities: the monogram communicates Saipem’s fundamental values of solidity, cooperation, openness, and flexibility. The unique color palette is representative of the sector in which Saipem operates: Dark teal is synonymous with marine depth, as well as crude material and oil; the orange represents its link to the energy world and the brand’s ability to bring a sense of awareness to each project. The new identity was implemented across the entire stakeholder experience.

This positioning has propelled Saipem’s growth over the years: it was foundational to the development of the quinquennial strategic plan, which set out a series of strategic actions for navigating an increasingly difficult landscape.

On the occasion of Saipem’s 60th anniversary, Interbrand collaborated with the brand to define the experience of this historic celebration and apply it to various touchpoints, including digital channels and print. A beautiful boxed book entitled 60 Years of New Frontiers celebrates technological innovation, projects, and key points in the company’s evolution, while highlighting the global history of its brand. The volume is also a tribute to the people whose enthusiasm and dedication have contributed to the company’s growth, with resonant messages for specific stakeholders.

In a volatile energy market, Saipem generates value for its stakeholders with a clear positioning and brand identity to support distinctive offerings and an efficient operating model.
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