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Breaking Barriers to Transform TIM’s Brand and Business

Telecom Italia
To connect Italy in today’s modern world, Telecom Italia needed to transform itself to create a seamless experience for all of its customers.

Telecom Italia is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Europe—and the world. The mobile brand TIM was originally created to give their business a foothold in an era of ecosystems and smartphones. However, as mobile and digital technologies have converged with everyday life, so too has Telecom Italia’s need to exist under a unifying brand. To meet modern demands, they would need to change the way an entire country sees one of its largest and oldest businesses.

The decision: TIM would become the new branded ecosystem for all business, combining TIM’s mobile and Telecom Italia’s landline customers under a single, new identity.

Analytics, advanced statistics, strategy, internal engagement, portfolio management, brand valuation, and design. It takes all of the above and more to complete the largest rebrand in Italian history. The result has shifted TIM’s focus from selling communications to keeping its customers connected to life—always. Everywhere. Better.

TIM united 114.6 million customers under their brand worldwide.
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