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36 hours to keep a child out of prison

Butterfly Home
An earthquake in Nepal destroyed the Butterfly Home, a safe haven for children whose mothers are in jail. Without the shelter, they’d be forced by law to live with their moms in prison. We had 36 hours to create a brand powerful enough to help rebuild the Butterfly Home. A strong, simple logo and a vibrant design helped raise global awareness—and the $400,000 needed to once again give the children a place to call home.

In Nepal, children of incarcerated mothers are often forced to accompany their parent to prison. That means many are stripped of their childhoods and forced to live behind bars.
Pushpa Basnet founded The Butterfly Home in 2005. The orphanage, located in Kathmandu, Nepal, was built to be a haven for those children and provide them with access to the education and proper nutrition critical to a happy and healthy childhood. But in April 2015, a powerful earthquake struck Nepal and destroyed the Butterfly Home, forcing these children to live in unsafe temporary housing. The Butterfly Home needed to engage people around the world, in order to gain the support needed to rebuild the house.

In just 36 hours, we transformed the Home’s delicate butterfly logo into a strong, iconic brand that would instantly resonate with international donors. Within weeks, they raised the money needed to rebuild. In our logo, four flipped house-shapes come together to form a butterfly—reflecting the inclusive spirit of the Home and the message of strength through togetherness. The color palette was inspired by the culture and colors of Nepal, playing up the bright hues to draw attention and create a positive impact, much like the home itself. We kept the spirit of the butterfly shape of the old logo while bringing a more modern feel to the brand. The new logo is easy to replicate, simple to understand, and leaves a lasting impression.

Through our redesign, we gave Butterfly Home an identity that matches Pushpa Basnet’s strength and the brightness she brings to the world. Having helped secure the funds needed to rebuild the home, we’re now furthering Pushpa’s mission by launching a fundraising campaign.

In 36 hours, we created a new brand that raised over $400,000.
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