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Chandon’s summer packaging, designed to shine

LVMH is making a splash this summer with a reimagined seasonal Chandon offering.

Rooted in an East-Coast, nautical design aesthetic and featuring designer-inspired Limited Editions, Chandon’s American Summer program began in 2012. With this offering, Chandon USA’s goal was to differentiate itself from the competition further capture its millennial female target audience by more strongly communicating its “Born French, Raised in California” story. The limited edition bottles needed to help the brand break out of the traditional, celebratory occasions for bubbles and create more reasons to pop a cork during the summer months.

In an effort to deepen its relationship with female millennial consumers—also known as the #ChandonSquad—Chandon created limited edition, summer-inspired bottles that ties Chandon’s brand story to the spirit of the American Summer. By infusing Chandon’s packaging with a casually chic aesthetic, the “beach babe bottle” came to life. The striped background serves a dual purpose—representing both waves and playing off of an established Chandon motif. The hand-drawn illustration style infuses authenticity and an innate softness that appeals to a younger female demographic. The bright, fresh colors reflect the vibrancy of the Chandon brand.

The new evolution to the Chandon Summer packaging further elevates the brand. Launched in May 2017, the new packaging direction has helped shape the strategic direction of American Summer for the years to come, positioning Chandon to continue to be disruptive in their category, and to become a leader of the season.

The new packaging has shaped the strategic direction of American Summer for summers to come.
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