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Color turns a monopoly into a brand of choice

Once government owned and Australia’s only telco, Telstra had a large customer base, but a larger customer perception problem. They needed to shift from a corporate monopoly to a brand people wanted to choose.

A large telco, Telstra had exclusively used blue in its communications, reinforcing perceptions of it being too corporate. In our redesign we opened the brand up to the full spectrum of color, allowing the brand to better relate to its audiences using different tones and emotions.

At launch, the vivid contrast between the old and the new was exciting and dramatic, serving as an instant and powerful signal of change—from old to young, and from corporate to personal.

Post launch, consumer consideration rose 5% and business consideration increased 9%, an unprecedented improvement in Telstra’s history, reversing a 5-year decline. With a new, vibrant expression, Telstra made a visible commitment to connecting with its customers.

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