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The Italian Alpine experience, brought to new heights

Courmayeur has been a tourist destination for centuries, but when they decided to rebrand for a new generation of visitors, they took a global approach to scale the heights of Italian excellence.

Courmayeur’s mayor and town council decided they needed to approach rebranding their Alpine getaway like a Best Global Brand. Their goal: give the city a unique and credible identity as the pinnacle of Italian spirit and high-altitude hospitality.

A mix of firsthand research and data analysis generated a list of attitudes Italian and international audiences held about the town and resort. “Elegant”, “Discreet”, “Italian”, and “Quirky twist” were just a few. Courmayeur is magical, intimate, and unexplored, a place with the freedom and choice to do what you want, whether it’s eat fine food, ski the slopes, or just relax. Courmayeur is the gateway to the summit of all your desires, with an added Italian flair. Thus, the final brand proposition: “Enjoying Italy at its Peak”. The new logo and visual identity embodies the immediately recognizable silhouette of Courmayeur and Mont Blanc itself. The authentic and bold typography and colors assert the uniqueness of the venue and reflect its spirit. The use of icons and a texture based on contour lines enriches the identity and the brand expression while lending to the creation of new visual applications and merchandising.

With the creation of this new identity, the Courmayeur brand no longer represents just a place, but a whole ecosystem of products and services that people interact with—a truly radical transformation in how the city presents itself and engages citizens, tourists, and partners alike.

Courmayeur’s rebranding brings "Italy at its Peak" to a new generation of experience-seekers.
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