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Crafting an inviting, timeless venue for ice cream

Inspired by the traditions of a classic ice cream shop, Häagen-Dazs created a new way to have a “moment for me” by emphasizing the core principles of their brand.

Häagen-Dazs prides itself on being a premium brand, yet the attention they paid to exceptional quality and craftsmanship in their ice cream wasn’t fully translating to their retail experience. To stand out from the cold and cluttered competition, they needed to align the brick and mortar experience with what Häagen-Dazs was already known for: being a family brand founded on old-world traditions, but with a contemporary twist.

Interbrand created a guest experience for Häagen-Dazs that is as decadent and memorable as their ice cream. The signage has been upgraded to a backlit menu board with gourmet photography—ensuring the ice cream is always shown at its best, tantalizing customers before they even try it. The dipping cases are relocated to the back counter so that customers have enough space to indulge in highly-encouraged samples. An attractive toppings and finishing bar replaces the standard ice cream bins, reminding the customer how much flexibility they have to create. Guests are then free to enjoy their treat under the tin ceiling atop carved wood stools; a far cry from the usual plastic chairs and sterile white seen in other shops.

Taste, Create and Enjoy. This mantra now inspires the brand to stay true to its essential values: constructing thoughtfully crafted moments that invite everyone to indulge. The results were immediate: sales for the renovated stores were up 16% in 2015.

By aligning their experience with their timeless brand principles, Häagen-Dazs increased sales by 16%.
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