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Design solves a frustrating customer experience

DIRECTV asked us to redesign the packaging of their Pre-Paid and self-installing satellite TV kit. Our research revealed that packaging was not the real problem—but we soon saw a way our new box could solve it.

Targeting the low-income Latin American market, we visited 6 countries to understand the problems customers had with the product. We discovered that, designed by engineers, the installation process was very complex, with steps that made it difficult for customers to install the product correctly.

We redesigned the process and box completely, creating a logical sequence customers could easily follow in unpacking and assembling the pieces. We also outlined clear and simple installation instructions: “Your DIRECTV in 5 simple steps”, with diagrams and pictograms, and minimal text since many customers do not read.

The effect? A huge improvement in customer experience, and big savings in time, materials and costs. 33% faster installation time. 100% successful antenna alignment. 24% better signal quality. A thoughtful design delivered easy and widespread satisfaction to an important customer segment.

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