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Designing a supermarket for the city-dweller

Already established as the market leader in super and hypermarkets in suburban areas, Carrefour wanted to create a new convenience store in the heart of the city.

Their aim was to achieve three goals: save customers’ time, offer value for money, and provide fresh food. Carrefour City was born: a welcoming, easy-going city retail environment designed to promote efficient shopping and counter urban stress. Offering fresh produce, short queues at cash counters, and interiors featuring a restful, natural color palette, Carrefour City created an accessible experience that renewed people’s pleasure in grocery shopping.

After the introduction of the new stores, turnover increased by 30%, and visit frequency increased by 35%. And the project was awarded the Efficiency Gold Award at l’Enseigne d’Or 2009. With more than 500 outlets, Carrefour City is giving the brand a competitive edge with city shoppers.

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