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Elevating emotion creates long-term success

Munich Airport
With 40 million guests every year, Munich Airport is one of the largest, most successful airports in Europe. But to stay that way they needed a strategy that would help them stand out and stay ahead long term.

In a 2-year collaboration with their team, we created a positioning for Munich Airport designed to elevate their experience above and beyond just the latest trends.

Competitors differentiate by focusing on infrastructure, investing in luxury shopping centers, or courting celebrity chefs to attract new visitors. For Munich Airport we took it outside the functional, creating a brand proposition based on the emotional experience of the airport. Supported by a new strategy, positioning, and brand identity, this helped them express what their brand is about to everyone they interact with—from visitors, to employees, to partners. From check in, to take off, Munich Airport leaves an impression that lasts beyond the journey.

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