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Experience delivered on a global scale

In a world shocked by Super Size Me and with customers opting for healthier alternatives, McDonald’s faced an emergency. They needed to bring their brand back into favor around the world.

A refocus was required on a global scale. Conducting worldwide research and stakeholder workshops, we uncovered insights and unlocked ideas to inform a new, unified McDonald’s promise and experience.

First, we identified an important pivot: from Fast Food to Good Food Fast. Then we built on that idea and aligned the global brand around a focused but flexible experience promise: Simple Easy Enjoyment. With an emphasis on getting better, not just bigger, it was time to make the promise real in their restaurants globally, through restaurant redesign and fit-out, new menu additions, staff training, and ad campaigns.

Through their world-wide alignment and commitment, McDonald’s turned crisis into success, regaining customers and increasing revenue by 21% and their stock price by 41%.

As McDonald’s won 2014 Cannes Marketer of the Year, they thanked Interbrand as an essential partner.

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