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From an iconic art show to a global brand

Art Basel
With expansion into Asia and increased presence around the world, Art Basel was facing global positioning challenges. They wanted to move from being a brand known for its trend-setting events to a brand for the art world.

Building on their strategic plan with a simplified architecture, a compelling brand proposition and a standout voice, we focused their efforts around the Art Basel masterbrand rather than its portfolio of sub-brands. And, since art isn’t static, we needed a fluid identity. So, we developed a multicolor identity that the brand could own while evolving from year to year, showcasing art of the time, and expressing the unique culture of flagship locations. And we showed how this would impact hallmark experiences from art shows to digital presence. Our work provided a clear framework, in turn strengthening the brand and allowing for promising worldwide expansion. The Art Basel brand shines even brighter in its role as a leading player in the global art world.

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