From legendary notebook to iconic experience

More than a page to write your thoughts, Moleskine is becoming an immersive experience brand for the creative class.

Moleskine is globally known as a maker of iconic notebooks, basing their identity around their popularity among 19th century Parisian expats like Oscar Wilde, Ernest Hemingway, and Bruce Chatwin. After going public on the Milan stock exchange in 2013, Moleskine needed to convince investors that it was more than a notebook brand.

The new brand proposition, “Inspiring journey”, captures both aspects of Moleskine’s brand—culture and travel—and was the new starting point for a renewed growth opportunity. This proposition acts as the cradle and filter for all extension strategies and new product developments—including their signature notebook, complemented by diaries, journals, bags, writing instruments, and reading accessories.

And it lead to the definition of a new retail format that drives the brand into a new dimension: the Moleskine Café, a contemporary reinterpretation of the historic concept of the “café littéraire”. We crafted the creative idea “My daily fix of inspiration”, which led to the development of a retail location. Designing the space and enabling their brand experience, Moleskine created a place of inspiration where ideas and stories could be shared. Moleskine Café provides its guests with an innovative retail experience, creating an atmosphere where they can socialize and enjoy food, creativity, and shopping in a single space designed to reflect the distinctive, clean aesthetics of Moleskine.

Photography by Michele Morosi

Moleskine Café is an important step along Moleskines’s journey towards becoming a lifestyle brand.
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