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GA_P is the space that brings people together

Gómez-Acebo & Pombo is an international law firm that demonstrates a firm commitment to societies at large by working through complex issues including Brexit and immigration. After almost 50 years of slight adjustments to their signature, the firm decided on a holistic rebranding to express a more profound and contemporary approach towards its identity.

Since it was founded in Spain in 1971, the legal firm of Gómez-Acebo & Pombo has been steadfast in its mission to create a space where significant causes on a national level can find legal advice, assistance, protection, and defense. In rebranding, they had the opportunity to spotlight the human and humane focus of the firm’s business ethic as its differentiating asset. By breaking with the conservative approaches towards brand shared by its competitors, Gómez-Acebo & Pombo could define itself as the space where agreement between two opposing sides could be found through meaningful negotiation.

Leading with the idea “The space that brings us together,” GA_P sought to provoke deeper thinking and appreciation of how legal services can reduce the distance between opposing positions, “filling in the gap” that separates and distances these with substance and insight. The brand idea, “Great Lawyers. Great People,” synthesizes the firm’s superior technical expertise with more humane sensibilities. The design reflects the founders’ ideal of creating a “human and humanistic space” by visually representing it as both a physical gap and a conceptual divide between two ideas.

The combination of the intellectual and graphic identity elements has brought greater richness and an aura of quality to the brand and the business. The definition and communication of the ideas behind the design solution have been recognized as a disruptive, noteworthy, and dignified re-definition of the identity among leading law firms internationally. The conceptual and design direction have been essential in bringing a more noteworthy, attractive, and clear message to life for internal audiences, as well as new talent targets.

GA_P’s new identity has received a D&AD award for branding, and a Red Dot award in the Communication Design category.

GA_P's new identity has been recognized by law firms internationally
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