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Growing an immersive experience around fans

AGT International created a unique app that takes fans behind the scenes of live events through videos, artist interviews, data-driven insights, special offers, and more. We created a brand to grab their attention and pull them into the experience.

Fans want to be close to the entertainers and athletes they love, not just passive observers. By collecting exclusive intel from performers, venues, and audiences, AGT’s then-unnamed app could give everyone the power to experience events on their own terms. To leave their mark on a crowded app marketplace and attract a discerning millennial audience, they needed a brand that reflected their exclusive, tailored, and engaging experience.

Fans’ expectations informed the approach to HEED’s brand. We learned that “happiness” at events means different things to different people. Happiness can come from minimizing friction, tapping into the energy of a crowd, or feeling in-the-know and a part of the action. To stand out among a youthful, engaged audience, HEED embraced a brand that radiated authority and attitude. A brand that pulls you by the hand behind the scenes and through the crowd to give unprecedented, personal access to events. An intense experience commands, while an inventive visual identity “takes over” environments and elements

HEED launched a version of their app to coincide with New York Fashion Week, which lets users access live streams of the runway and get personalized fashion tips, playlists, and beauty products from designers and tastemakers. It adds a whole new layer to the event experience, and HEED’s brand fully embodies its unique proposition of turning spectators into insiders.

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