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Growing engagement takes a singular story

BNY Mellon
It’s one thing to combine two historic brands, it’s another to get customers behind it and employees believing in it.

Four years after bringing the Bank of New York and The Mellon Corporation together, BNY Mellon realized it needed to unify its company under a single idea that captivated customers, inspired employees, and showed the true value of the historic merger.

We needed to tell a new story, one that captured how BNY Mellon is, at its heart, an investments firm—built for investors, by investors. With the help of numerous workshops and the input and cooperation of BNY Mellon’s employees, we developed behaviors to make that story real, and crafted a new visual system, voice, and messaging platform to provide audiences with the toolkit they needed to live the new brand.

Employee feedback was incredible: 77.2% of employees say that the company is now moving in the right direction, and 72.7% say that they understand why BNY Mellon invested in its own brand. Those are results worth investing in.

77.2% of employees say that BNY Mellon is moving in the right direction.
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