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Growing “Navigate Your Next”

Changing the perception of Infosys from the insight out. A repositioning and brand refresh through the campaign “Navigate Your Next”. A significant shift for Infosys. From being perceived as an Indian outsourcing company to becoming a company competing with the strategic management consultancies of this world.

Infosys’s reputation as a leader in IT outsourcing defined it in the market. While Infosys enjoyed strong client relationships, the brand was not perceived as a strategic partner for its clients’ digital transformation needs. Infosys needed to compete against new players like Deloitte and Accenture, and, with the bulk of its business in the Americas and Western Europe, raise its profile with prospective talent outside of India. Infosys gave Interbrand’s New York and Mumbai offices a tight turnaround to develop a brand strategy and campaign.

Clients didn’t want to work with a company who claimed to know all the answers. Instead, they were looking for a partner who would travel with them on their journey to all things digital.

We positioned Infosys as the company who helps you Navigate Your Next. Because digital is no longer the next big thing, it’s simply in everything that comes next. For clients, the campaign highlighted how Infosys helped clients across industries navigate their nexts. For employees, we introduced the behaviors they needed to adopt to walk beside their clients. The refreshed brand launched in June 2018, followed by the employee campaign.

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