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Building the billion-dollar brand

GSK, Sensodyne

Visit any pharmacist today and you’ll see a glowing white wall of Sensodyne Complete Protection products, tightly, packed: row upon row upon row.

It wasn’t always this way: sensitive teeth are an annoying problem and customers saw Sensodyne as a specialist product for people with sensitive teeth… GSK knew that to grow this already market leading product, it would need to show customers the benefits beyond sensitivity.

Today, Sensodyne has become GSKs first $1 billion brand, borne from the company’s determination to deliver a multitude of scientific breakthroughs that each meet specific customer needs.

With GSK, we found a way to dramatize the science behind Sensodyne, making it both accessible and desirable. We reimagined the packaging and identity design, allowing the brand to sit comfortably alongside the skin and haircare products that fill our bathrooms; a move that helped Sensodyne become a mainstay in the global oral care market.

Since the global roll out of Sensodyne Complete Protection started in April 2013, Sensodyne’s global share has risen steadily from 7.7% to 9.4%.

Sensodyne. Specialist care for every mouth.

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