How a fashion vessel became a valuable sub-brand

Can a celebrated yacht name become a brand? And what financial value could it create? These were the questions Prada had for us in a conversation about their Luna Rossa America’s Cup vessel.

To find the answer, we conducted a study to uncover the best opportunities for the new brand, combining in-depth consumer research, sector and royalty rate analysis, and financial modeling, including analysis of the probability distribution of the yacht’s competitive performance.

The research revealed an opportunity for Prada to position the Luna Rossa brand alongside a premium apparel collection, fragrance, and luxury editions of handsets and watches.

And our partnership didn’t stop there. We continued to track the value generated by the Luna Rossa brand, to test and prove the original findings and monitor any need for adjustment. Today Luna Rossa maintains its role as a valuable asset within the Prada Group.

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