ECOMAGINATION: A $200bn bet on purpose

GE Ecoimagination
Once upon a time, green initiatives were just a good thing to do for the planet. GE wanted to know if what was good for the planet could also be good for customers and for business. They came to us to find out.

Conducting an extensive research study, we concluded consumers would flock to green-branded products. And so, GE Ecomagination was born—GE’s platform designed to drive business with innovative environmental solutions.

To launch, we worked with the Ecomagination name and built a visual palette of natural photography and light colors. Adding features like the Earth Rewards card, and a strategy of always highlighting the energy and money a consumer had saved, we positioned GE as an industry leader and authority on sustainability.

Consumers and the business world took notice. While products from GE Ecomagination grew revenue 150% by 2012, and continued to generate over $105 billion, competitors hurried to adopt their own eco-business strategies.Having led the world with Ecomagination, GE took position #6 on the Best Global Brands 2013 list.

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