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How oil and gas became sustainable energy

When Repsol evolved from oil and gas to become an energy company, they needed a powerful and compelling way to signal the change to customers and the world.

We began by working with them to redefine their positioning around a commitment to ingenuity and sustainability. Then we updated the Repsol visual identity—adding white to the color palette, introducing human photography, and altering the logo to create a sense of embrace.

But to really bring the brand to life, we went further, creating physical expressions of the new identity. Inspired by the logo, we designed sustainable branded furniture, even an eco-friendly motorcycle. The exercise culminated in designing Repsol’s dynamic new headquarters, using anamorphic distortion to reveal the Repsol logo on the facade. The award winning work gained Repsol recognition for their innovative and sustainable spirit. Importantly, our external projects helped create a consistent understanding of the Repsol brand within the company. By creating physical expressions of the brand, we helped Repsol make their new direction a living reality.

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