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Identity design puts Natura &Co at the forefront of beauty

Natura &Co
Founded in 1969, Natura took its first steps towards international growth in 2013 with the purchase of Australian brand Aēsop. In 2017, it continued its expansion with the acquisition of the iconic British brand The Body Shop.

Interbrand’s challenge was to create the brand strategy for this new group, which was born with a total revenue of USD $6 billion, presence in 70 countries, and employee base numbering over 18 thousand. But above everything else, this global, omnichannel, and multibrand cosmetics group is moved by shared purpose.

The first step was to define a naming strategy for the new group. It was necessary to find a common thread between the three brands, search for a shared essence, and express it in an inspiring way.

We found this perfect synthesis in the name Natura &Co. Natura—besides being the enabler of this union—carries near-universal recognition as the term for “nature” or “essence”; the “&” conveys the sum of strengths that this new group brings together; and the abbreviation “Co” also alludes to “collaboration,” “coexistence,” “connection,” and “comprehension”—central themes in the contemporary world, and essential elements of this new group’s ethos. Finally, “&Co” resembles the prefix “Eco,” which directly connects to the roots of all three companies, which are internationally praised for their environmental and ecological standards.

With a name already loaded with so many meanings, we searched for a simple and elegant solution for the identity design. The typography, clean and clear, was specially designed and pays a simple tribute to the brand Natura. Details like keeping the capital “N” the same height as the other letters send a subtle message of equality. The visual universe was created from a single graphic element, the “key,” symbolizing the coexistence of Natura, Aēsop, and The Body Shop, and expressed through a chromatic palette inspired by nature.

“The Natura &Co brand encompasses the codes and values of three brands that have traced parallel paths, but have always shared common purpose in their commitment to life and to the planet.”

– Andrea Alvares, Vice President of Marketing, Innovation, and Sustainability at Natura

The new brand created from the inspiring values of three companies uses beauty as a force to generate positive impact on a global scale.

This work was completed by our team in Brazil. Read about the work in Brazilian Portuguese on the Interbrand São Paulo website.

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A brand is born with the spirit of a new time: a time to collaborate, co-create, coexist, comprehend, & converge.
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