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Igniting El Salvador’s possibilities to knock down stereotypes

Over the last decade, El Salvador has rapidly overtaken its neighboring countries in infrastructure and development. PROESA, the Exports and Investment Promotion Agency of El Salvador, decided to take the country’s success a step further—consolidating an attractive tourism offer that expresses the new face of this nation into a country brand.

After several trips to El Salvador, which included learning how citizens from every walk of life perceive their country, its new strategy began to take shape. El Salvador’s positioning highlights the country’s strategic location, its young population, and its incredible natural landscape. However, what sets the country apart is the warm attitude and hospitality of its people, thus “Great like our people”. By putting those people at the center, this new positioning cements El Salvador as the international destination where great stories of success, entrepreneurship, and strategic alliance are written.

But beyond a shared story, El Salvador needed a common identity that would foster a collective understanding among its people, inside and outside its borders. This visual identity was conceived around the concept that “El Salvador is the place where everything converges, germinates, and amplifies.” The different illustrations that make up the identity communicate the multiple dimensions that are a part of the Salvadoran identity: Economic, historic, geographic, and social. The “V” in the logo is the meeting point, where a diversity of natural and cultural riches explodes outwards and expands with vital force—expressing the surprises the country can offer, and the infinite variety of experiences therein.

El Salvador now has a brand that represents a new national era, one that expresses its positive aspects that the world is ready to recognize. Now the challenge lies in their hands, as Salvadoran citizens of all sectors to communicate the potential that their country has to offer to the world.

El Salvador’s new country brand expresses the warmth of its people and its surprising, vital potential.
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