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Making the invisible visible

By bringing the power of emotions to the fore, Interbrand helped a quiet leader in the flavor and fragrance industry gain recognition for the role it plays in enhancing our lives—and a stronger brand.

Without us knowing it, Givaudan (leader of the flavor and fragrance industry) touches us every day through our favorite perfumes, soaps, and snacks. Ubiquitous but invisible, Givaudan’s presence needed to be recognized and better defined.

Since the brand’s competitors tend to focus on innovations in the lab, we felt Givaudan had an opportunity to differentiate by emphasizing emotional connection over technical know-how. Stressing the importance of special scents and tastes in enhancing self-expression and personal experiences, we developed a new proposition that captures the sensuousness and creative spirit behind the Givaudan brand: “Enjoy the essence. Express yourself.” Putting the sensory experience front and center, we conveyed this sentiment across all brand touchpoints.

A comprehensive brand re-launch and the rollout of an internal cultural change program delivered clear benefits for Givaudan, including strong differentiation against competitors, worldwide brand consistency, and a more visible, relevant brand that employees are proud to work for. By breaking away from the industry norm, we powerfully reinforced Givaudan’s leadership position.

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