Redefining the FS Italiane customer experience with nugo app

FS Italiane
Transporting about 750 million passengers each year, the Italian national railway FS Italiane needed to redefine its services to highlight innovation, integrated mobility and digital customer experience. More than a technological revolution, the goal was to create a strategic experiential pathway to support the business as it grows.

FS Italiane is the primary operator in Italy’s rail and transport system, but that’s not all. With more than 750 million passengers and 50 million tons of cargo carried each year, a presence in more than 60 nations (including Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Singapore, South Africa and the U.S.) and net profits of 552 million euros in 2017, the group has become an international player.

As part of its 2017-2026 industrial plan, FS Italiane established a critical goal: To become the leading authority on mobility. A strategic partnership with Interbrand was forged that has led to the launch of nugo, a new digital platform that goes beyond a simply technological approach to helping accelerate the group’s strategic journey towards redefining the mobility experience.

The first step towards achieving that goal was to analyze the competitive scenario, the requirements of its target audience and the assets of the Gruppo FS Italiane in order to pinpoint a credible, relevant and differentiated brand positioning: “Real and right experiences on the go.”

From the new name, which blends the concepts of “new” and “on the go” with “personalisation” (assonance with you), to the visual language, user experience and service innovation principles, Interbrand and FS Italiane have created a fully-fledged brand ecosystem that redefines the concept of “living mobility.

The logo is framed by two circles, an abstract representation of all of the wheels and mobility services that nugo links together. The geometric font, bright colors and simple interface all help to create a fresh and contemporary experience.

About 14,000 app downloads during launch week. FS Italiane Nugo’s redefines the boundaries of mobility
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