lidi grimaldi,
managing director
interbrand milan

Wheels in motion to increase stock market value

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By quantifying the ROI on hallmark brand investments, we showed Pirelli (and investors) how much commitments such as Formula 1 sponsorship and the glamorous Pirelli calendar actually add to its bottom line.

Following a number of spin-offs, Pirelli came back to its core in 2010, with an ambitious five-year plan to become the world’s leading global premium tire manufacturer. Though famous for its calendar and association with Formula 1, Pirelli wanted to know if its sponsorship activity was really paying off.

We developed an economic model that proved, quantified, and explained the ROI on four hallmark brand investments, including Formula 1 and the Pirelli calendar, but also Inter FC sponsorship and the PZero Fashion line. By combining quantitative research with financial modeling, we demonstrated that awareness of these initiatives did, in fact, increase consideration and preference for the Pirelli brand and drove brand value higher.

Our work has been presented during the company’s industrial plan presentations to the global financial community to demonstrate the value being created for the business by the Pirelli brand.