A new name draws attention and support

Feeding America
America’s Second Harvest was a long-standing but unsung hero in domestic hunger relief. An unclear name and organizational positioning were making it difficult for people to understand the charity’s purpose.

To create focus within the charity, and audience understanding at the national and local level, we worked with the team to refocus the brand around its simplest, most important action: “feeding hope”. This new positioning aligned the brand around a single, easily understood mission.

A new name—Feeding America—quickly conveyed the organization’s purpose to consumers, and the new mark and identity brought the story to life. Together these elements focused the organization and communicated an idea people could easily see the benefit in supporting.

Audiences finally heard a clear message, and awareness skyrocketed. Michelle Obama took note, and with White House support hunger relief became an agenda on the hill. Feeding America led the charge. By focusing on action, Feeding America energized its efforts and drew support to achieve even more.

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