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Designing a new kind of dealership experience for Nissan

Not much differentiates one dealership from another, and the experience tends to be pretty mundane. But Nissan stands for efficiency, innovation, and excitement—and recognized an opportunity to stand out with a strong brand story in the fiercely competitive automotive category.

Interbrand was brought on-board to guide the development of a truly customer-led and immersive experience. Global research provided insights to guide the creation of a new global prototype, which delivers a customizable experience for all guests. Whether shopping for a new vehicle or returning for a service appointment, every customer receives the same level of attentiveness, embodied by a shared lounge space that is central to the new design.

With the brand’s story at the core of this new dealership experience, it was crucial to deliver that story in informative and exciting ways, with digital storytelling as a driver. The Nissan brand resonates at every touchpoint, and a level of transparency is conveyed by the openness of the space, inviting guests to participate in the journey.

This new prototype is being rolled out across all Nissan dealerships, elevating the customer experience on a global scale while setting the Nissan brand apart from competition.

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Visit Interbrand Cinicinnati