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One language for one goal: Successful brand performance


Allianz wanted to further establish the importance of its brand as a business asset internally. In order to do that, we helped create a common language that would enable brand performance discussion across the organization. Proof that our efforts paid off? The Dow Jones Sustainability Index ranked Allianz Industry Group Leader for its successful global brand management process.

Our brand valuation helped the German multinational quantify the value of its brand, as well as its impact on business outcomes, and identify key sources of value. We also demonstrated how the entire organization contributes to delivering the brand experience and that each function, from marketing to HR, plays a role.

To take Allianz’s brand value to the next level, we made strategic recommendations and established benchmarks for measuring brand performance. We not only succeeded in deepening the organization’s understanding of its brand as a driver of business results, but also created new opportunities for cross-functional collaboration that are taking the brand to new heights.

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