Packaging design inspires passion with Bounty prints

Procter & Gamble
More than a picker-upper, Bounty’s print strategy taps into emotion to stand out in a crowded segment.

Despite leading the category with superior cleaning abilities, some households began switching from Bounty to generic products that were just “good enough”. To retain their position, P&G needed to give customers a new reason to pick Bounty paper towels—one founded in emotion, not cleaning ability.

The solution was simple, but ingenious: Prints. Prints give customers the choice to bring color and character into their home and share it with their family. The vision crystallized after a hands-on experience session with P&G leadership. The strategy would focus on three passion points, supported by licensing deals and design principles:

  1. Professional sports, represented by football.
  2. Movies, via Minions, Finding Dory, and Frozen.
  3. Home decor, with seasonal floral and geometric patterns and scenes.

Prints became a massive success, bolstering sales by over $50 million and influencing P&G’s strategies for other products across the business. Taking the Bounty brand from clean-up to real connection, prints have proven themselves to be a driver of real growth.

With the help of prints, Bounty leads the $2B household commodity category.
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