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A park that looks beyond the outdoor experience: BAM – Tree Library Milan

Contributing to the birth of a park that goes beyond the concept of “public space” offering to individuals inspiring cultural, educational and entertainment experiences; and becoming an active partner for stakeholders.

Place brands, as consumer brands, are competing in a highly dynamic marketplace: they have to deal with an ever evolving wide range of targets – individuals, investors, institutions, tourists, and others – by providing a strong brand experience. Within an international cultural city network like Milan, the role of a city-park must change. It must go beyond the concept of “being a public space” and instead become a brand that offers access to relevant experiences that meet human desires and needs. 

This park in Milan – built by the Development & Property Management Coima and managed by Fondazione Riccardo Catella, and sustained by the Municipality – was designed considering this principle. 

A rich and high quality program of cultural, educational and entertainment events for individuals, families and the whole community is developed in a context of 100.000 sqm that includes a botanical area and an outdoor tree library with more than 500 species. Interbrand conveyed all this in a brand. The name BAM reflects the international spirit of the park while recalling its heritage – it is the acronym for Tree Library Milan (in Italian, Biblioteca degli Alberi di Milano). The brand promise, “The Open Breather,” inspires a fully-fledged ecosystem of services and experiences that can radically change the way in which the park presents itself and interacts with all of its stakeholders. To capture the paradigm of the centrality of people, Interbrand developed BAM by conceptually and visually evolving the words ‘I’AM’ into BAM. The resulting brand identity is a dynamic system of colours and images that can be enriched with content as time goes on, reflecting the experience-based initiatives offered by BAM. 

With the aim of involving 10 million people a year, BAM redefines the concept of life in urban areas not only in the city of Milan, but in the whole country and beyond. BAM offers unique experiences and remarkable partnerships, including one with Volvo in quality as well as Park Ambassador and Nike as a Wellness Partner.

A park with a strong identity and a voice, where nature is the protagonist and a source of inspiration for the cultural, educational and wellness program designed for the 10 million people who visit the location on average in a year.
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