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Peace One Day: Reinventing the universal symbol of peace

Peace One Day

The mission of Peace One Day remains as powerful as ever—to unite the globe around an annual Peace Day on September 21st, and to use the momentum around it to spur change throughout the year. From ceasefires to immunizations, the achievements of Peace One Day are tangible and transformative.

Now, two decades after founding and with a larger platform than ever to make an impact, Peace One Day is launching a bolder, simpler, and more open identity to universalize the future of peace.

“It is an incredible honor to be supported by Interbrand. Changing the logo after 20 years of success took some consideration, but what Interbrand has created supports Peace One Day in its mission to the core. As we enter a new phase in the organization’s 20th year, we wanted a brand identity that reflected that. Awareness means action and action saves lives. This logo will help do exactly that, raising awareness, and what it can help achieve is infinite,” said Jeremy Gilley, Founder, Peace One Day.

“The organization needed a symbol that would communicate Peace One Day’s mission intuitively and universally. We felt that no other symbol represented the idea of peace more globally than the original peace symbol—and that using something inspired by it would connect instantly with people requiring a lot of investment,” said Spencer Seligman, Designer at Interbrand.

“Gerald Holtom purposely did not copyright his famous peace logo design in 1958. He wanted the logo to be used by all as a universal symbol of peace and open to be used by anyone that worked to achieve peace. We saw the same goals of Gerald’s ideas as with Jeremy’s.

“95% of the violence in the world happens in homes, communities and places of work. Only about 5% is in areas of conflict. So, we all can make a difference, no matter how small that is. This is Peace One Day’s focus and the focus of the logo—to work with people to make peace a reality and help them do their peace,” said Michael Knaggs, Senior Creative Director of Interbrand.

The new logo is a 21st century evolution of the globally recognized peace symbol, reworked to remove a slice of the original motif. The piece removed represents the small change toward peace we can each make as individuals. The fact that it’s incomplete speaks to a recognition that while peace isn’t yet complete, we aspire to achieve it one day in the future. Infinitely customizable due to its simplicity, it empowers people around the world to make Peace One Day their own.

An energetic new color palette centers on blue (symbolizing serenity and trust) and is supported by a rainbow of pastels (representing openness and energy).

“We’re thrilled to have evolved what started out as a campaign idea into a fully-fledged new look that will bring greater awareness to Peace One Day. We’re extremely proud to be supporting such an ambitious organization,” said Daniel Binns, CEO of Interbrand New York.

The new identity equips Peace One Day to become an even more recognizable movement, actionable to all. It will roll out today across all platforms, supported by the hashtag #doyourpeace.

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