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Piaggio Group
To supercharge its retail experience, Piaggio commissioned a flexible, modular concept store that allows customers to engage with all of its brands at once.

The Piaggio Group is behind some of the most beloved motorcycle and motorscooter brands in the world—including Vespa, Moto Guzzi, Aprilia, and of course Piaggio itself—but there wasn’t a place where you could experience all these brands together at once. In just four months this was no longer the case, as the first Motoplex—Piaggio group’s innovative retail experience and concept store—opened its doors.

But creating an interactive, engaging space where these very different brands can fit side-by-side is no easy task. The concept needed to be versatile enough to suit a variety of events, scalable enough to fit into spaces of different sizes, and modular enough to pack up and move as needed. The solution was to give each brand its own “island.” Each has a podium which celebrates the beautiful engineering behind their most iconic vehicles, raising them up in the center of an interactive space. The brand-agnostic name Motoplex is a combination of the words “motor” and “multiplex,” and the space is just as much an entertainment venue as it is a showroom. It’s designed for bikers, but not just for bikers. The space features a coffee shop and two lounges with large video screens—inspired by the observation that most customers make purchases alongside friends and family.

Since first opening in June 2014, Interbrand has also been asked to develop the Motoplex “city lounge”: a specific format for city-centered locations that is more focused on merchandising, apparel, and café offerings, with digital connections to products. There are now 285 Motoplexes, including 10 flagships, over 37 countries in 4 continents.

There are now Motoplexes in 37 nations and growing.
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