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Rediscovering a natural treasure in Topo Chico

Topo Chico
To reposition its 120-year-old brand for a contemporary market, Topo Chico needed to dig deep and unearth its rich history.

Topo Chico is a legacy carbonated water brand in Northern Mexico and the Southern US. After over a century of business, the company needed to focus back in on its essential qualities to raise the caché of the brand. Taking an archaeological approach uncovered the brand’s uncharted history, revealing documents and sources that shed new light on past decisions and future opportunities, helping to create a contemporary and timeless brand personality.

Topo Chico’s heritage became the driving factor behind its appeal, embodied by the legend of the site of Topo Chico itself. 500 years ago, this legend upholds, an Aztec princess was cured by its waters—a story that embodies its legacy of healing and refreshing properties. The new logo and typeface reinterpret the ones used on the original bottles back in 1895, respecting the brand’s origins while uncovering its essence and appealing to young adults and hardcore consumers alike by. Together, these elements create a classic and enduring experience.

Topo Chico is building engagement and rapport among young adults in test markets in both countries. Now perceived as a high-quality product with a century-long track record, Topo Chico can compete with any premium sparkling water on the market. The brand’s restored retro-cool positions it as a fitting sponsor of cultural events, musical performances, and fashionable parties. Most importantly, both lifelong consumers and new fans of Topo Chico are embracing the change as a natural rebirth of a storied and longstanding brand.

With a fresh brand rooted in a storied history, Topo Chico has become “Mexico’s best kept secret”.
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