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Research and analytics fuel Alcantara’s value-driven growth

Interbrand conducted an economic assessment of the Alcantara brand and defined an analytical model that quantified the degree to which “Made in Italy” and “sustainability” concepts contribute to consumer choice, and the strength and value of the Alcantara brand.

Invented and patented in the 1970s, Alcantara represents a real technological breakthrough in the field of materials. Today, it remains a high-value material with unique characteristics that make it suitable for use in various sectors, from automotive to consumer electronics; from furnishings to fashion.

Synonymous with the Italian industrial manufacturing tradition, the Alcantara brand has helped the business to effectively cope with change and steadily grow by capturing the international market. It has succeeded in transcending its industry of origin, and has become recognized for its ability to generate value for both direct customers and end consumers.

Collaboration with Interbrand has played an essential role in this longterm growth process. In 2006, Alcantara became one of the first Italian brands to participate in a brand value assessment, which set the value at € EU 6.5 million. The same assessment repeated in 2015 confirmed the validity of the brand strategy adopted by Alcantara; in nine years, the value of the brand increased to an astounding € EU 100 million (over 15 times the initial value). Interbrand also conducted research and analytics to develop a quantitative model for determining the degree to which Alcantara’s brand concepts of “sustainability” and “Made in Italy” influence customers choices and, consequently, the economic value of the brand.

In order to continue to grow globally, Alcantara needed to identify the role of its brand in the competitive international landscape. With the intent of studying the dynamics of its current major markets, Alcantara appointed Interbrand to conduct a global study of the brand’s primary partners across various sectors, including automotive, consumer electronics, and interior design. The study involved the C-suites of companies operating in over 11 key countries worldwide. The picture that emerged provided extensive insights that are crucial to the development and implementation of action plans designed to boost growth and increase the value of the brand into the future.

The results of these combined insights serve as the guiding star for Alcantara’s ongoing growth. It recently announced a strategic multi-year expansion plan that will result in investments amounting to over € EU 300 million and the significant growth of its workforce.

Alcantara's Anatomy of Growth is based on proven values like sustainability and "Made in Italy"
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