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SK Energy Homepick

SK Energy

SK Energy planned to use 3,600 service stations, which are its main assets, to establish a courier service to contribute to social development and grow beyond the energy category. Interbrand implemented a brand name and brand identity design so that it can identify differences that are unique to this service and effectively make them appealing to customers.

SK Energy’s new offering was a delivery service – which, if requested, visits customers’ homes within an hour and collects their parcels. To best represent the service, we developed the concept of ‘Take it Easy’ to emphasize an instant, easy and convenient service. The brand name was developed in a direction to facilitate customers’ understanding and thus HomePick was selected as the name.

The logo of HomePick’s is the motif of the courier box symbolizing the delivery service which highlights the intuitive and clear view of the service by expressing the shape and form of a house. In addition, the strong contrast between the bright orange color and dark, cool gray color was designed to represent the easy and comfortable service of HomePick to foster customer trust, and at the same time, build a pleasant brand image.

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