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Spotlighting Ingenuity, Siemens Shines Anew

From delivering the first electric rail, to building floating wind-farm servicing workshops, Siemens has been innovating for over 165 years—not only in terms of technology, but with a progressive vision of its own social, ecological, and economic impact. But Siemens found customers and employees were a bit in the dark about the breadth of brand—so we stepped in to help bring that to light. We crafted a new identity, aligned to a growth strategy, that gives Siemens a clear stake in people's lives.

Understanding was at the core of our strategy—we started with an audit, leaving no stone unturned, no data source untapped. It was a highly collaborative process, drawing on insights from all corners and strata of the organization. In sum, our findings showed that brand was alive but not thriving—we needed to help Siemens craft a story that would drive it forward.

Revitalizing the brand meant building clarity amongst both consumers and employees, not just about the what but also the how and the why. By shoring up shared values amongst leaders, we helped Siemens build a solid brand platform for future initiatives: “Make real what matters” became the mission, “by setting the benchmark in the way we electrify, automate, and digitalize the world around us.”

Siemens stepped into the spotlight with a new brand identity and bolder, more dynamic approach, backed by ages of wisdom. Siemens now asserts itself across all experiences and touchpoints with the galvanizing goal of delivering “Ingenuity for life.”

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