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Growth is about the voyage, not the destination

When ING U.S. announced it would spin off from its Dutch parent company, the financial industry was still reeling from the 2008 crisis. How do you create a new financial services brand in a negative climate?

It started with the name. We approached the notion of financial life as a journey customers travel—not just to, but through retirement—and explored names that would denote ING’s role as an optimistic and action-oriented guide.

After generating numerous names and concepts, we arrived at Voya, coined from “voyage,” crafted to elicit images of a journey and signal a fresh way of talking about the financial industry. The rest of the brand’s design followed from this spark.

Backed by a new verbal and visual expression that conveyed the excitement behind life’s journeys and adventures, Voya hit the streets in May 2013. “If you look at our last batch of analyst’s reports, it wasn’t about ING U.S.’s successful quarter, it was about Voya’s successful quarter,” said Voya CMO Ann Glover a year after the launch. “That’s pretty cool.” On its own journey, Voya’s fresh simplicity continues to set the brand apart from the pack.

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