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One of the world’s leading football competitions, LaLiga, evolved to become a leading global entertainment brand by creating value experiences for all audiences.

According to the ranking of the International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS), LaLiga is the best league in the world. As a brand, it needed to transcend its value and go beyond the big stars and teams that participate in the competition. In 2017, after growing internationally and expanding into new markets, LaLiga embarked on a journey to explore alternative avenues of growth that transcended beyond the football universe.

LaLiga branded notebooks
LaLiga branding
Red, yellow and blue LaLiga posters

To reach this objective and captivate new audiences, experiences had to be embedded in the core of a more aspirational, lifestyle brand that was ignited across different touchpoints with new potential audiences. The starting point was a new positioning (“It’s not football. It’s LaLiga.”) and a strategic plan that challenged the brand to effectively align to its essence: LaLiga is an industry of emotions that does not only compete against other sports competitions such as the Premier League or the NBA, but competes for entertainment time, to be relevant for all audiences. Therefore, the goal was to increase the brand’s influence on audience decisions.

After evaluation, Interbrand saw an opportunity to connect in a more emotional way with the audiences by activating the brand through the experience.

The new LaLiga brand, launched in 2018, tells a differentiated and emotional story through an insightful brand idea, “Time to beat”, and a bold and vibrant visual universe that elevates LaLiga to a relational platform that delivers more than football: it delivers emotions.

Following the brand idea, “beats” were created – forms that were waiting to be discovered and that are born after setting the current symbol in motion. The new graphic is not imposed, but emerges from the symbol that we already knew, allowing to tell the story of a brand that sparks emotion.

LaLiga branded football top
It's not football. It's LaLiga. Advertisement on billboard
LaLiga's logo and logo in solid red